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Attention Fellow Bail Agents:

The Pennsylvania Association of Bail Agents (PABA) is a trade association comprised of bail agents and member surety companies. In 2014, PABA was formed with two primary goals in mind:

  • To advance the interests of Pennsylvania bail agents in state legislative affairs.

  • To play a pivotal role in the education of agents in an effort to ensure industry-wide professional and transparent practices.


With these principles as motivation,

PABA proactively constructed and 

lobbied comprehensive bail legislation

that heightens professional standards

for Pennsylvania bail agents and

ensures a responsible future for

commercial bail in the Commonwealth.

Supported by the District Attorney's Association and the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, Act 16 of 2015 unanimously passed the General Assembly before being signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf in July, 2015. 


The early, positive impact of PABA should not distract from our persistent vigilance over local and national affairs capable of affecting our industry. It is vital that, through communication and education, we sustain our coalescence so we can continue to constructively build relationships and productively evolve our role within the criminal justice system. Please join the PABA today.

Mitch Mitchell, President

New Pennsylvania law brings significant

changes to the bail bond profession.


Learn more...

Join your colleagues.


 of PABA today.

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